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Ramfan EX150Li AC/DC PPV Fan, 18" Wheel Kit, 2 Batteries

Ramfan EX150Li AC/DC PPV Fan, 18" Wheel Kit, 2 Batteries

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The RAMFAN EX150Li is now available in both the Urban and All-Terrain editions, so departments can choose whether they need more compact dimensions or complete “roll over anything, anytime” capability without compromising on performance, mobility, or CO-free operations.

More power where it counts. The RAMFAN EX150Li is the World’s Most Powerful Battery Fan, and the only battery-powered PPV with 1.4 kW (1.9 hp), completely surpassing all plug-in electric, and far beyond all other battery-powered, PPV fans on the market. This is made possible with the Intellisense E3 power controller, with intelligence to safely delivery sustained high power, precision motor control, simultaneous dual battery charging, and more.

This level of power requires special battery pack designs to account for the sustained runtime at high-discharge currents. The EX150Li is fueled by two RAMFAN 52V Intelligent Battery Packs, totaling 832 Wh. This is the most powerful battery system in the fire service, other than the truck batteries themselves.

Choice- The new All Terrain edition features massive 8.5” x 2.5” wheels and a 115-degree approach angle to tackle obstacles without any frame impact or sinking in the soft stuff. The Urban edition, on the market since November 2019, offers high-performance cordless power in compact dimensions-telescoping aluminum handle and 3.0” wheels for convenient mobility.

Features and Benefits:

  • Incredible 1400W (1.9 hp) of power
  • Swappable 52V Li-Ion Battery Packs
  • PowerStream® Air Straightener
  • Euramco Brushless DC Motor
  • IP66 Water resistance protects from powerful water jets
  • Standard wheel kit with full-height ergonomic handle
  • Lightweight, Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • Integrated LED Flood Lights illuminate the entry point of a structure during low visibility operations
  • Wide range tilt adjustment
  • Optional Integrated Rehab Mister
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